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Amanda Holm


Amanda Holm is a long-time member of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild and currently serves as the President on the Board. She has been beading for about 25 years, with a focus on beading more seriously over the past 10-15 years. Amanda was inspired to start beading after taking a community education class in Northern Virginia and fell in love with the results.

Throughout her beading journey, Amanda has received help and guidance from several sources, including her mother, who taught her hand-sewing skills, and Agatha Kalkanis, who got her connected to the Guild. Amanda has also attended great classes and lessons at Stony Creek Bead and had the privilege to attend GLBG classes, which have helped her gain a variety of skills.

Being part of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild has impacted Amanda's life in a positive way, providing inspiration and opportunities for socializing with fellow beaders at meetings and make-and-take sessions. She encourages current and future members to find a niche to volunteer and ensure they get everything they want out of being part of the wonderful group.

Outside of beading, Amanda enjoys reading, baking, playing games and puzzles, trivia, and walking. A fun fact about her is that she has been on Jeopardy and even won an episode!

Amanda Holm
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